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Posted by: Bob Hodkison
Date/Time: 29/08/13 12:52:00

WHAT  is happening to the Green ...a super makeover ..+ 2 new hotels
now its starting to look like a tip ... so much rubbish and litter every evening
There are hardly any obvious litter bins (make them bright and stand out ) and so few benches that are not full of louts ... ENCOURAGE the mums and kids to come ..more LAMP-POSTS FOR SAFER NIGHTS as well .
,,the War Memorial is now an annexe for McDonalds ..surely everyone
knows or can see this is not just stone steps for eating on !!
(maybe some sturdy or inexpensive low railings would help)
and as for that police van just sat in the SAME spot everyday .. well
how terrifying for the local mafia is that .. maybe MOVE a bit or DRIVE ROUND ..OR even GET OUT and patrol the Green .. be SEEN !!!
sorry i sound like a Victor Meldrew but i do find it a bit depressing
to see this wonderful space go down hill so quickly.. and i know the police and council try very hard for us .. but they must be more vigilant if it is to improve and stay smart for ALL residents ..
lastly the pavements on the North side are DISGUSTING ..leaking black bags from some shops the ever present chewing gum  ..again
its NOT the councils fault but can they not regularly JET-WASH
them for us and put a few more anti-litter notices and bins up ... cheers bob #

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##    ITS  ALL SO GRUBBY  ##29/08/13 12:52:00 Bob Hodkison
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