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Topic: Woody Grill - article on front page
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Posted by: Carol Burge
Date/Time: 09/03/16 12:05:00

The article on the front page states that the the owners of the Woody Grill restaurant on Uxbridge Road has been fined £30,000 after putting the public at risk by keeping food in  conditions.

It also states Erpolat also owns six other Woody Grill restaurants across the capital and has previous convictions for similar offences in neighbouring Ealing.

Two quetions.........if it is a chain of restaurants how come when one is fined for such appalling food hygiene conditions the others are not automatically flagged up, checked and then continually monitored?

Also I am guessing that owners of restaurants need a licence which is issued by the Council?  If so, and there were previous convictions, how come they were not found when the licence was approved for the one in Shepherds Bush?

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