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Topic: My black and white cat on Hartswood Road
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Posted by: Anna Tautz
Date/Time: 30/05/12 12:17:00


My black and white cat Tyrone (mainly black with white nose stripe, bib and paws) is a bit of a roamer and has started to disappear for a night or two. When I go out and call him, I can usually find him along Hartswood Road, between Wendell Road and the tennis court. He is always pleased to see me and trots back home following me. He then eats loads, sleeps for a few days and heads off again.

Yesterday I found him after 2 nights of hunting, but saw that someone has put a collar on him. He has had collars and tags in the past, but always manages to wriggle out of them. I have added a tag to the collar with our details and my mobile number and his new one should arrive tomorrow. He is very much loved and missed and I am concerned that he is being fed elsewhere. He is on a strict diet due to poor health as a kitten and I am worried about him getting ill.

His brother misses him desperately, they spent all night last night curled up together. I have put some posters round asking people not to feed him and to direct him back to us on Aylmer Road. He is extremely friendly, and apparently is totally disloyal unlike his brother!

If you think you know the cat I am talking about, or have an idea of where he might be sleeping, then please let me know on here.

Many thanks,

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